About Development Assessment Panels

The Development Assessment Panel (DAP) is an independent decision-making body charged with the role of determining certain development applications. The Town of Cambridge belongs to the Metro West Joint Development Assessment Panel.

Information regarding current DAP members can be found on the Department of Planning, Lands and Heritage website.

DAP meetings are open to the public, and interested parties can address the meeting by submitting a Presentation Request at least 72 hours before the meeting.

Developments referred to the DAP

Developments with an estimated value in excess of $10m are automatically referred to the DAP, and in cases were the estimated development value is between $2m and $10m, the applicant can choose to have the development referred to the DAP.

Regardless of value, single houses or developments of less than 10 grouped or multiple dwellings are not referred to the DAP.

The Town of Cambridge retains responsibility for assessing all applications and conducting any required community consultation.

Before a DAP application is lodged, the applicant must attend a pre-lodgement consultation with one of our planning officers. Please call 9347 6000 to arrange an appointment.

How to lodge a DAP application

  1. Refer Department of Planning's Guidance Note - Lodging a DAP Application
  2. Call 9347 6000 to arrange a pre-lodgement consultation
  3. Complete DAP Form 1 for new applications or DAP Form 2 to amend or cancel an application
  4. Complete a Development Approval Application Form
  5. Lodge application (Please note - six sets of printed plans are required, plus one set in PDF format)
  6. Pay required fee*

* Two fees apply to DAP applications:

  1. DAP Application fee
  2. Development Approval Application fee 

View Application Fees